When I made a trip to LA with my sister, she suggested that we check out the American Apparel Factory Flea Market located at 747 Warehouse St. I probably have more than enough clothes from AA because I used to work there but I said, sure why not?!

This is what the factory looks like, with a HUGE parking lot so you won’t have to worry about parking. They have both factory boutique, typical AA store with full retail priced items, and factory flea market, where you will get some great discount.

Their items are significantly cheaper than the retail price, but be aware that the majority of merchandise sold here have factory defects (pen marks, stains, wrong cut, off size, off color, etc). Don’t get me wrong though, you can find normal items if you search well and if you are lucky. Kudos to AA for selling these at a cheaper price rather than wasting them.

If you are looking to buy AA products for cheaper but without the defects, try visiting an outlet store if there is one near you. At outlet stores, they sell normal merchandise that weren’t necessarily the ‘popular’ style at a cheaper price.

american apparel factory la

american apparel factory boutique and flea market la

american apparel factory flea market la



First impression: this place is HUGE! The flea market has pretty much everything you can buy from AA, from accessories to basics to hoodies. You can find hoodie of any color and t-shirt of any color(for both men and women).

american apparel factory flea market la

american apparel factory hosiery

american apparel tshirts

american apparel hats and vintage sunglasses

american apparel denim shirts


american apparel hoodies


So is it worth making the trip here? In my opinion, Yes.

In addition to having every style made by the brand, I was impressed that they carried a lot of new styles here. You can definitely steal some disco pants or riding pants for $50, which is a lot more affordable than what they originally cost.

I bought two basic black leggings, which both had grey pen marks on. The markings weren’t very noticeable and I wasn’t bothered by them too much so I got them anyway. I came home, washed them and now the markings are almost gone. So it was well worth it.

american apparel factory flea market la