jelly shoes fashion trend

It’s sandals season! And whether you like it or not, the clear PVC shoes from the 80s (and 90s), also known as Jelly shoes, are BACK in trend. Not only are they great alternatives to sacrificing animals, they are odorproof, waterproof, long lasting and 100% recyclable. I never saw myself owning a pair, until I worked for American Apparel and was expected to wear shoes sold in the store. I couldn’t help but risk a pair of JuJu Babe sandals by JuJu Jellies because they were weird, but in a good way- quirky, kinky, unique, and versatile, everything I need in a pair of shoes. They are surprisingly comfortable because the stacked heel is firm and supportive while the top part if soft and flexible. Now I became a fan and own them in two different colors, silver glitter and black. JuJu sells shoes only through other online retailers so if you wanted to get yourself a pair, you can do so through one of the JuJu stockists including ASOS, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, etc.

Here’s how you can rock your jellies this summer:



1. Beach-ready

Taking advantage of the fact that jellies are totally waterproof, keep your feet protected and stay cute at a pool party, at the beach, whatever the occasion may be.
If you haven’t already, check out Beach Essentials! 3 Outfits feat. JuJu Babe Jellies to see how I incorporate jellies into my beach outfits.



2. Show off your cute socks

For all my socks/tights lovers, you have all the right reasons to show them off!

jelly shoes with cute socks


juju babe with cute socks



juju babe with cute socks

<image courtesy: tumblr & official JuJu website>




3. Amp up your everyday outfit.

Honestly, there isn’t much secret to styling jelly shoes, there is no need to stress. Just throw them on to complete your everyday outfit and your look will be instantly more interesting. I get a lot of stares and comments when I wear my jellies, and obviously they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Fashion is fun, not to be taken seriously. So who cares? Dare to wear them and be proud- you are wearing shoes that are 100% recyclable, animal cruelty free, and vintage!

For some inspirations, check out how bloggers on Lookbook style their jellies:


lookbook juju jellies
<photo courtesy: Amy Valentine>

lookbook juju jellies
<photo courtesy: Emma Istvanffy>

lookbook juju jellies
<photo courtesy: Joellen Lu>