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With its huge selection of products, eBay is great for finding the best deal on anything. This is made possible by allowing different types of seller to freely sell.

In this post I will be talking about different types of sellers on eBay so you have a better idea of how eBay really works.


1) Assistants in the fashion industry.

You can score some designer “samples” on eBay. In case you are wondering what samples are, brand names often make a few samples of new designs to help them determine whether they want to officially release the design and make multiple copies for sale. You could consider it a trial version waiting for approval. Some of these get approved, while some don’t. Either way, they cannot be sold on regular retail sales floor because these are either stamped with “sample” sign or have sample tags. In other words, eBay is the perfect place to sell them. Some sellers sell only samples, which makes me assume they work closely with the design team and therefore have access to samples.


2) Associates.

This can include corporal associates, sales associates, managers- anyone that works for the brand and benefits from occasional freebies and discounts.

Some of these sellers are interested in getting rid of unwanted merchandise they received for free at a generously discounted price simply because 1) there is no point in saving a product they will not use and let it go to waste and 2) little money is better than no money.

The rest will offer discount on popular items because associates get 30%~up to 50% discount on merchandise. Most likely they will charge buyers slightly more than the discounted price. This is a win-win situation: buyers buy at a discounted price and sellers can still profit.


3) Business owners.

The most common type of business on eBay is wholesale. Sellers will buy specific products in bulk, which makes the unit price ridiculously cheap, allowing them to sell at a significantly cheap price. Just the way Costco works!

Second most common type would be selling less popular products at a discounted price- it’s like an online outlet shop.


4) Anyone!

It’s made so easy to sell on eBay that your neighbor could be selling, your mom could be selling, you could be selling.

I have been an active member of eBay since 2006 both as a seller and as a buyer. When I first started, I made my account and set up PayPal so I can buy on eBay. I never saw myself selling on eBay-until I needed to move and realized all the clothes I have was not necessary. They were actually a huge burden. Since then I started to clean out my closet every other month. I didn’t need to set up a separate seller account, I just used the same account I use to buy. When I worked for American Apparel for a few months, I was one of those sellers wanting to get rid of unwanted freebies and discounted merchandise just chilling in my room and taking up space. I sold almost everything I planned to sell, and it’s great knowing that the items found a better home. I can say that eBay served me well both for selling and buying.

I prefer eBay over places like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads because I can communicate and negotiate with buyers. Instead of someone telling me your beloved designer piece is only worth $10, I can set my own price.  If a buyer thinks my price is too high, he can send me an offer. I can either accept/decline it or even send a counteroffer.

eBay is like the car boot sale in the U.K., where people bring out things to one big open space and sell. Except it’s online so more people can participate. If you have unwanted things at home, don’t dump them because someone else might appreciate them. I highly encourage anyone to sell on eBay. If you are lazy, or don’t care for extra money, then make a donation to a local donation center!