The most worn pair from my combat boots collection are Docs because they are super versatile and easy to style. I normally score my boots on eBay or Etsy.

*Sizing tip: They run big, about half a size. Since they only come in whole sizes, if you are half sized, say 6.5, round down and get a 6. If you are whole sized, say 6, it will be safer to get a 6 than sizing down to 5, which will fit you snug. You can always wear thick socks to make up for the room. To be safe, compare outsole measurements because sizing may vary based on country of manufacture and on style. You want to find a pair that measure a little longer than your usual outsole measurement. Different brands can mean very different sizing, so you’d want to contact the seller and ask for measurement if it isn’t already provided.


Here are some ways you can incorporate combat boots into your outfit:


1. Feminine punk

Combat boots alone aren’t intimidating enough. I like to toughen up my look even more with my go-to moto jacket. I paired it with some black riding pants and added my own feminine twist with the delicate lace lingerie and sheer chiffon tank.

doc martens, bcbg leather jacket, american apparel chiffon tank and riding pants, victoria's secret bra



2. Denim on denim

If you don’t want to stress with styling outfits, choose denim because there is no other safer bet. Denim plus combat boots create that perfectly industrial, rugged look.  I paired this look with a lace navy bralette.

denim blazer, cheap monday jeans, american apparel lace bustier, doc martens


3. Picnic ready

Something about combat boots is kinky and playful, despite the rough look. So feel safe to pair your boots with a girly outfit, like this thrifted rayon dress. This outfit will be perfect for protecting your feet when marching around a music festival, or a picnic while keeping your body cool and breezy.

vintage dress, doc martens


4. Playful

I paired my rayon sunflower print shorts with a garter belt to make this look more daring and fun. On top, I have a floral lace bra and a cropped lightweight oversized sweater.

american apparel sweater and lace bra, forever21 chain chanel-esque necklace, doc martens


5. Go all out

Last but not least, I love to take advantage of the kinky nature of combat boots for a fun night out. I used thrifted lavender cardigan and mock garter stockings to get me through cold night. This outfit is actually one of the 7 outfits from my previous post 7 Outfits to Look Like a Million Bucks with Thrifted Clothes.

h&m bustier, thrifted cardigan, levi's shorts, doc martens